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Change Your Mindset Podcast

Season 5 – Episode 27

From the Episode: My guests today are Dr. Hope Zoeller and Dr. Joe DeSensi. Dr. Hope is the founder and president of Hope LLC. Hope stands for Helping Other People Excel, and it is a firm that specializes in facilitating leaders’ success at every level of an organization. For 14 years of her professional career. Dr. Zoeller worked at UPS in a variety of roles including customer service training and development and employee relations. For 16 years she has been consulting with organizations on leadership development.

The Bo & Luke Show

Season 4 – Episode 18

From the Episode: Leadership experts Dr. Hope Zoeller and Dr. Joe DeSensi – in collaboration with esteemed book contributors from corporate America and academia – offer new ways to think about and address contemporary business issues, including leadership mindsets, project management, organizational culture, and workplace communications.

Their new book “Hope For Leaders in the 2020’s… New Issues to Face, New Problems to Solve, NEW HOPE FOR THE FUTURE” is now available here.

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